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Bringing Christians Closer to Christ.

How would you describe your Christian walk?

Is your Christian walk more about sitting in a pew, or sitting in some committee meetings, than an exciting journey at our Lord's side? 

Attending a Tres Dias weekend can help re-energize your Christian walk, whether you are just starting out on the journey, or have progressed far down the faith path.  Our purpose is to bring Christians closer to Christ and develop leaders for the local church. 

What is Tres Dias?

Tres Dias is a Christian ecumenical organization with the two-fold mission of bringing Christians closer to Christ and preparing leaders for local congregations. There are more than 60 Tres Dias chartered communities (chapters) in the USA and more than 20 communities around the world, in England, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Jamaica, Peru, Canada and elsewhere. Korea has many communities, some of which are organized under a regional body.

Each local community fulfills the Tres Dias mission by following a three-phase program based on the Cursillo movement (its full name translates to “a short course in Christianity”), began in the late 1940’s in Spain. The central phase is a three-day (72 hour) weekend seminar/retreat built around a series of talks, most of which are given by laymen. Although the talks follow a prescribed pattern based on the Cursillo method, each gives the speaker opportunity to talk openly and honestly about his or her personal walk with the Lord. Men and Women attend weekends separately, allowing for an openness before the Lord and a bonding that would not otherwise be possible. In addition to the talks, there is daily communion, time for personal reflection, personal and group prayer, as well as singing, laughter, and just plain fellowship. Meanwhile, the community supports the weekend and wraps everyone on the weekend in prayer.

Prior to the weekend, Christians invite fellow Christians to be “candidates” on a weekend and agree to serve as their sponsor. The sponsor prepares the candidate for the weekend and provides support for the candidate’s family in his or her absence.

In the third phase (called the “post-weekend”), those who have attended weekends form reunion groups to support each other in their “fourth-day walk.” (Since the weekend is a three-day event, the “fourth day” refers to the rest of a person’s life after the weekend.) The community sponsors periodic follow-up events, called secuelas, which capture some of the spirit of the weekend in song and fellowship. The centerpiece of each secuela is a “fourth-day talk” in which the speaker tells how his or her life has been affected by the weekend.

For information on Tres Dias and the history of the Cursillo movement, visit the Tres Dias Website ( and click "History."

Tres Dias is one of about 20 organizations that follow the Cursillo movment. For information on the other organizations, follow this link: Three Day Weekends Online.


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